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Q: Is Change Order review cost effective?

A: Yes. Typically the cost of review is less than 5% of the cost savings on projects over $5 million and will vary depending on the size of the project.

Q: Should I have only changes over a certain dollar value checked at say 10 to 50 thousand dollars?

A: No. Credits are hardly ever volunteered and we have found some credits over $700,000 hidden in small change orders less than $5,000 and if small change orders are left out, the sub-contractors will use costs allowed in these small changes in global claims later on.

Q: If I have an electrical engineer why do I need an electrical cost consultant?

A: We have been on several jobs where we have found collusion with the electrical engineer and electrical contractor which have longer job to job working relationships instead of a one time relationship of a typical owner. We also check design fees and find inflated costs of construction due to special items which just inflates the design fee when it is based on a percentage of construction cost. A simple example was of device plates which were specified as tan instead of ivory which changed the cost of 10400 device covers from $.15 each to $2.10 each. This was over a $25,000 add to a simple item such as a device plate.

Q: Should I worry more about Power design costs or lighting costs?

A: Both are subject to severe cost escalation based on design input and limiting of suppliers. Variances can be as much as 400% from sole source to competitive bid for both areas of design in power and lighting.

Q: Can I hire Coe and Company for just one change order or do I have to hire the company for the whole project.

A: We can be hired by the hour, day, week or whatever your need is. We typically get called in on projects that have gone bad and change orders have gone nowhere for months. We have come in and typically clarified and settled the change in less than 10% of the time that the construction management team has already spent and save on average over 52% of what was quoted, resulting in several hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. The highest has been over ten million dollars on one change order and the cost of review to the owner was less than 2% of the savings.

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