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Our Professional Services include inspections, change order negotiations, invasive and non-invasive testing, construction cost estimating, construction issue analysis, report development and repair recommendations development, negotiation services, plan and design detail review, and seismic design cost specialist.

Specializing in intervention on construction change order deadlocks for project sizes over $50 million. Multi-disciplined with special expertise in electrical, fire/safety, security, data and communication systems and other subcontractor specialties of mechanical and fire protection systems. Successfully resolved several change orders over $10 million dollars in value.

Our broad range of services include the following:

  • Construction Change Order Review
  • Construction Change Order Negotiations
  • Construction Inspection and Observation
  • Forensic Inspection of Construction Defects
  • Document Review and Analysis
  • Code Analysis
  • Insurance Loss Review and Analysis
  • Construction Claim Services
  • Obtaining site and environmental studies as necessary
  • Preparing bid lists of qualified contractors
  • Comparative cost analysis of electrical systems and products
  • Administration of design teams and contracts
  • Comparing initial costs vs. future expansion
  • Inspect materials delivered to site for conformance to contract documents
  • Inspect and record daily work progress
  • Arrange for specialty testing
  • Supervise testing requirements for governmental regulation
  • Non-destructive testing of high voltage equipment and cables for compliance
  • Enforcement of local and national building codes
  • Quantity take offs for prepurchased equipment
  • Material and manpower take offs of different designs
  • Comparative values of product lines
  • Cost studies of regional zones for plant locations
  • Complete coordination of design, bidding and construction of electrical systems and renovations
  • Evaluation of performance and abilities of specialty contractors
  • Updating budget projections monthly
  • Preparation of a complete bill for materials and plans for contract documents
  • Preparation of a master plan
  • Preparation of cost plan and payment schedule
  • Updating budgets based on job progress
  • Scheduling prepurchase deliveries to compliment schedules
  • Selecting qualified bidders
  • Negotiating time and material contracts
  • Publishing bid information to national contractors
  • Plan checking for complete information on scope and details of work
  • Construction sequencing
  • Monitor design time in comparison to construction time to coordinate completion dates
  • Fast tract prepurchase agreements for equipment needing long lead time
  • Utility company coordination for power and telephone service
  • Light and Power Distribution Systems
  • Underground Distribution Systems
  • Material and Product Handling Systems
  • H.V.A.C. and Energy Management Systems
  • Processing Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Life Safety and Fire Alarm Systems
  • Controlled Access and Security Systems
  • C.A.T.V. - C.C.T.V. - M.A.T.V. Systems
  • Audio-Visual-Video Systems
  • 24-Hour Monitoring Systems
  • Broadband Data Networks
  • Computer Cabling Systems
  • U.P.S. and Emergency Generator Systems
  • Materials and Methods Specifications for All of the Above
  • Also available are services for tracing existing systems prior to retrofitting without disturbing existing work flow or employees.
  • We can lower the cost of the unknown by having existing As-built Drawings for contractors before bidding.
Coe and Company    474 Yokuts Drive, Lodi, CA  95241    Ph: (209) 403-8186    Fax: (209) 339-9111